Climate&Nature no. 1 (9) 2022
history of science
Dorokhova M.S.

DOI: 10.51618/2408-9591_2022_1_2
Abstract. The article reveals facts about the family, personal life and childhood of the Soviet classic philologist, historian of Bizantium and paleographer. He had unique knowledge at the intersection of history, philology, archeology and natural sciences and devoted his life to the study of Greek manuscripts. He was the first scientist in Russia who found out and published new sources on the history of almost all natural sciences (astrology, mathematics, meteorology, medicine, zoology and botany), studying Greek manuscripts of astrological content in the history of natural scientific knowledge of Byzantium.

Mstislav Antoninovich Shangin was born into the family of an active state councillor and hereditary noblewoman. It was family with strict highly moral rules and principles with an amazing atmosphere of love and mutual respect. With no doubt Mstislav's achievements in the field of science, as well as his brothers and sisters, stemmed from the environment in which they grew up. Almost all of them left their significant mark in other fields of science and life.

The archive of his manuscripts, among which are possibly unpublished works, as well as scientific researches made by his wife and personal documents of the family, were transferred by the heirs to the personal Fund of M.A. Shangin in SPb ARAN this year. This became possible thanks to the group of scientists, including M.A. Kurysheva and M.A. Vinnik. They devoted their lives to research in the field of Byzantinistics and paleography and have deep interest in the biography of Mstislav and his family. In 2023, after full digitization, the archives will become available to a wide range of readers and researchers.

Key words: Shangin's family, childhood, private life, family facts, biography, personal archive

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adaptation mechanisms to climate change
Bobushev T.S.

DOI: 10.51618/2408-9591_2022_1_15
Abstract. The title of the article seems banal, because on various sites and in many publications, you can find a lot of number "explanations" of the differences in the content of the terms – economics and ecology. It is enough to cite some statements reflecting "the formed positions of modern society to the above terms: how does ecology differ from economics, what is more important – economics or ecology, etc. As a result of this explanation, it is believed that "economic growth" is important, because in most countries, both in the third world and in the rest of the world, there are a large number of problems and economic growth is the only way to overcome the current situation. Most smart city projects, for example, are also based on economic development. In this explanation, environmental protection is, to a certain extent, "a deterrent to development." In the context of global climate change, another opportunity has arisen to return to the discussion of the problem of differences in the content of the economy and ecology, the search for optimal approaches in assessing "real perception" and making decisions on the ecological state and economic development of modern society.

Key worlds: economics, ecology, environment protection, economic growth, optimal approaches

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Bobushev T.S.

DOI: 10.51618/2408-9591_2022_1_19
Abstract. The surface of the Earth is constantly being influenced by various processes. Such impacts can occur at different rates and vary of manifestation. The scale of manifestation of various impacts can be global, regional and local. The are natural and socio-economic factors or forces of impact on the Earth. The ratio of the impacts of natural and socio-economic factors, as well as living organisms on the stability of the environment, determine the ecological equilibrium. The content of this article is devoted to a general overview of methods and approaches for assessing the ratio of the above factors or forces, characterized by ecological equilibrium.

Keywords: ecological equilibrium, impact factors, land transformation

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management of territories
Shatz M.M.1, Cherepanova A.M. 2

DOI: 10.51618/2408-9591_2022_1_24
Abstract. The article highlights modern natural and geological conditions of the Aikhal diamond mine (Yakutia). The importance of the diamond mining industry for the national economy of Yakutia is shown. The location and geocryological and natural conditions of the deposit area are characterized. The history of discovery and geotechnological features of the field, its prospects are traced.

Key words: modern conditions of the Aikhal diamond mine; the importance of the diamond mining industry for the national economy of Yakutia; location and extreme geocryological and natural conditions

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1 Cand.Sci. (Geography), Leading Researcher; e-mail: 2 Junior Research Scientist; e-mail: 1, 2Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Siberian Branch, RAS; 36, Merzlotnaya Str., 677010, Yakutsk, Russia